weekends 9am- 3pm


Bru's Meat on Waffle            15

Beef Sausage, Bacon, Avocado, Mixed green, Sliced tomato on sugar waffle (option of Rye Toast), come with fresh fruit and pickles on side.

Fruit Drenched Waffles         15

A pair of toasted sugar waffles, drizzled honey and chocolate, whipped cream, and a mountain of fresh fruit, One Scoop of Gelato on the side.

Eggs Benedict                         16

Toasted English muffin stacked with your choice of Choice sausage or Smoked salmon, Avocado, 2 Poached egg topped with our house made buttery hollandaise sauce. Come with fresh fruit on the side.

Lox on Toast                           16

Salmon lox, avocado, soft-boiled egg, sliced red onion, cream cheese, dill, Tzaziki on Rye toast. Come with Fresh Fruit.


Build your own   14

Choose 3 item below, Come with Toasted Rye bread and fresh fruit on the side.

2 Poached eggs, Bacon, Beef/Pork Sausage, Smoke Salmon, 2 Sugar Waffles.